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Bringing The Outside In With Moss Ceilings

To me, an interior space isn't complete without the presence of greenery. Whether it's a bouquet of flowers, succulents or even dried botanicals, greenery can offer numerous benefits. Beauty, for one, but they also recycle the air we breathe into fresh, clean oxygen.

Thinking about the plants in my home, they all reflect my personality and interior taste. I have an ongoing collection of dried pink roses hanging in my foyer, two hand-me-down potted plants from my late grandmother (which, now that I think of it, have probably been alive longer than I have) and, what this page is all about, spanish moss fastened to my living room and bathroom ceilings.

In my own bathroom, I have eucalyptus branches hanging from the shower head. In a hot shower the leaves are steamed and release a calming, eucalyptus scent that help clear airways. But in my guest bath I wanted to do something different. This is where I take baths so I thought, ideally, I'd be able to see some greenery while soaking. I landed on a unique solution of hanging spanish moss to the bath tub ceiling. The look was accomplished with chicken wire, plastic furniture glides to fasten the chicken wire to the ceiling and spanish moss.

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